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Senada and Ermina Grbic
Senada and Ermina Grbic

Three siblings, two parents, one big idea. If you haven't heard about us before; here's the quick rundown. 

The 'rents came from Bosnia, we were born and raised in South St. Louis {we=Erna, Ermin, Senada}. Heard of Grbic Restaurant? That's us. The parents taught us what they know and now we are gonna give it a go... on our own! 

Executive Chef Senada Grbic is making all of our favorite American foods, but adding that Balkan twist, stemming back to our roots. 

You know what they say... When life gives you happy it's by Grbic 

Ermin, Senada, Erna 
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Say hi, send us a compliment, suggestion, or if you have any questions. Ask us below!  

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